Advent Calender Day 15

11Okay, So I know I’m a little late on this but I REALLY wanted to make it up for you guys because of all the inconvenience! And I decided I really wanted to celebrate the 1st Christmas I’m celebrating with you guys!! So I’m going to try to post daily but if I don’t I’ll post most of the days anyways! Anyways Yeah! (Ok this was a ridiculous intro so lets just get into what I planned)

Hey guys! Ready for Advent Cal Day 15? You better be! ‘Cause here we go!




Ever thought of changing wallpapers? Maybe your just that one person who needs everything on point! Want’s all the new trends! Well, lucky for you! ‘Cause during through the Advent Cal Days..I will be giving away cool and new trend wallpaper! So.. lets see that Wallpaper!

Click here to get the official Lilyanna free wallpaper!

Alrighty! I’maa end this post before you get really bored! Anyways hope to post soon! Byee!

All the best, Lilyanna


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