Advent Calender Day 21

112Okay so even though I am about to burst into Christmas Stars on what I’m about to blog you… I am terribly sorry for not doing the Advent Cal very frequently! I was going to do a Day 17 but I guess I didn’t upload it, especially with all the updates WordPress here is doing.. ( If you’re wondering, the post was supposed to show me building a Gingerbread Village!) But yeah anyway, lets get INTO IT.

Ok, so this year, I decided to tell my family, (4 members) That we would have to get everyone a present, so that would be 3, (3X4 is obviously 12) So there would be 12 presents under the tree!!! (OMFG) My brother who got our presents first from Target (and don’t ask why I know this because when he opened the door, first thing I saw was Target bag..) And once he wrapped all of them, the next day when I went into his room, ALL THE THREE GIFTS WERE LIKE. GIANT. And talk about his wrapping skills! Anyways the next day which was Sunday, (yesterday) I was like, “I should go Christmas shopping! Christmas is this week!” So Mom and I went to the mall, and if we went to a store to get either one of our gift’s, we would have to stay in the corner. And guess what, the store my mom went to, she had a bag so big, if your a 12 year old, its basically half your height! Now obviously I’m doing a What I Got For Christmas! And I always thought that present shopping for someone else, would be easy peezy! But in reality for me, I got my family present from the same store, Hollister.. I have no problem with that, except I had to walk the mall 4 times to make a second trip to Hollister and its awkward for kid… shopping for the guys.. What if someone was thinking I was dumb? Which I really didn’t care what people think. And to pause this blog, I’m terribly sorry for making this the longest blog ever, if you like long blogs, then you should say so! Anyways, even though my family don’t have a blog which means no What I Got For Christmas from them.. I would obviously show you guys what I got them, (and there is no chance for them to read this a long post…. so HAHAHAHAHA) so I will leave the links down below after this blog. Everyone in my fam-fam got each others gifts, except for my Dad, but you never know, he is not in the house probably getting the gifts now, oh I don’t know! Anyways it seems to me, my gift will never top there gifts. (or is it the other way around? Seriously, whatevs, my point is the presents I brought them is not going to beat the presents they got me! Better?)


Who else agree’s that this is like the longest post eva? (If Eva was reading dis, I would totally ask her see what I did there? But that’s like 10 to 1 thing that’s gonna happen.) Make sure to stay tuned to see the next AdventCal which will hopefully be up tomorrow! And um, erm, WHAT PERSON AM I?! Were you to think I won’t mention what just happened some days (2) ago?! WINTER BREAK IS HEEEEEEEEEERE! Now I can type a 20 page blog for you guys to read why we deserve the Winter Break af ,but I wont because you guys might need a eye replacement.. then. Anyways hope to see you soon! Byee! ~Lilyanna

Hollister Co.




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