A Christmas To Do List

Yo wassup everybody, it’s Lilyanna here with another Christmas post. Today I’m giving you a Christmas To Do List if you’re really not doing much for Winter Break! And you don’t have to do this just during the holidays, do these amazing cool stuff whole year ’round! So let’s get into it!

1. Make a To Do List

 Okay so I know you’re reading a to do list, but you should as well make one for yourself. I think its mandatory, just cause! And I also did one here, so Check it out! –> Christmas List

2. Give Back

Every year, at most schools, there would be some type of food drive right? any drive I guess. for example, canned food drive! buy some cans and donate to the less fortunate! cans aren’t expensive so, just go for it! I’ve done it just a couple of weeks ago.

3. Clean/fresh atmosphere

Every season, especially the winter time, you might get a ill feeling, right? Well using your remaining energy for a valuable thing, such as cleaning your room, will make ya feel even a slight better! Open the windows even if its cold! (Okay maybe not if the temperature is like lower then the 70) Exercise! Eat a little healthier! Take a walk! Do anything that will benefit you, and hey, its the holiday season, don’t be too hard on yourself.

4. Decorate your room

Most people across the world decorate their room or be festive for there religion because its a ritual right? well even though this wouldn’t be an official ritual.. just decorate your room with cool wintery/Christmassy things! And if ya wanna get some idea’s, before you go to youtube, (lets face it, we all go to youtube.) check out my Christmas diy video by clicking right here, Christmas.

5. finish something

Just like a to do list, make a goal list! you’ll be proud of yourself if you get something done! trust me, you will. if you’re gonna go ahead and make a goal list sheet right now, well then hey, here is something you can put on top of your list, finish something before new year.

6. family night

ok so you might hate family night, but you should totally host family or friends night, especially when its winter, cause let me tell ya! there’s Christmas movies goin’ on right now, (have to see elf) and the weather outside most likely is a little bit chillier then average days, so that means hot beverages, yass. Go make hot chocolate! Cause… why not?

7. Sing-alongs

Oh the weather outside is frightful.. but the fire is so delightful, and since.. get the idea? sing your favorite song with yourself/teddybear(that’s right, you just read that)/friends/family, or whoever may be it is, sing Christmas songs until your just annoyed by them!

8. Un-regrets

2015 is one of the most breath taking years in my life, especially you guys because this year, is my first year blogging, which means my first year celebrating Christmas with you guys. and during through the year, everyone had some things when we regret to do.. but does it mean you can’t fix that? maybe you just didn’t have the guts to say you were wrong, or you wanted to apologize.. now is a good time to go back to your regrets, and re do all the regrets before its 2016.

9. public stupidness

Always, get rid of your fear before a new year. (hey see? that rhymed!) Now I’m not afraid to embarrass myself in front of people, as long as you know who you are, than that’s the person you are. Now I am not going to dare you to do something stupid in public (don’t destroy someones car because that’s not what I mean), but you should dare yourself to do it as so.

10. Chillax and open presents

Everyone nowadays are running across half the planet to get a gift for someone. but people sometimes forget the real meaning, just enjoy your surroundings and just make a memory. (but as well don’t forget to get the people you love a present, but it doesn’t have to be a present, maybe just a hug) (but again, real presents are fine as well.)

That was it! I hoped you guys enjoyed that blog because it took some time, but at the same time, it made me think.. when can I open my presents?!?!?! (talk about the last one!)

Merry Christmas and a happy new year :)) Byee!




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