Wassup everybody!!!!!! I’m about to wrap a present right because why not?! I will show you a picture in a moment…….

Hey guys im back! And I am needless to say that I have some wrapping skills! Like im wrapping for the first time and its GORGEOUS! Here is piczas (pictures)! 20151222_134911and if you look closely to your right.. whats that? there is a unwrapped place! (The other side is unwrapped as well) So I got creative and took out my other wrapping paper and this is what I did! 20151222_135509WHOO! This year, there is going to be a lot of present under the tree! (used to be 12 but now is 13 presents…whooo) Ok so that’s all for this post and I’ll see you guys soon! Have a  merry Merry Christmas!! ~Lilyanna


2 thoughts on “Wrapping Presents?!+CHRISTMAS MADNESSSSS

  1. missberryjem908 AJ says:

    There’s going to be over 25 under my grandma’s. Since me, sister, dad grandma, 2 aunty’s and 2 uncle’s and so much I can’t explain it it is just idk bye


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