Advent Calender//Day 23 – Winterlicious Tag


Hey guys! We are dangerously close to Christmas and  tomorrow is…. Christmas Eve! Santa’s comin’ so better sleep early Netflix fans! So today I’m doing a winterlicious tag as you guys can tell from the title, and lets get into it!

1. Fave Winter Nail Polish?

I don’t nessicarily wear nail polish but my fave nail polish shade has to be frostbite by Essie

2. Fave winter lip product?

My fave winter lip product has to be the eos pomegranate!

3. Most worn winter piece?

Obviously gotta have my fuzzy socks, and my ugly pajamas on yass!

4. Most worn winter accessory?

Umm, whats winter without a beanie? Or even a santa hat?!

5. Fave winter scent/candle?

My fave winter scent is the winter candy apple from bath and body works, and candle has to be also the winter candy apple!

6. Fave winter beverage?

My fave winter beverage is  hot chocolate mocha! 

7. All time favorite Christmas/holiday movie?

 My all time favorite Christmas/holiday movie is either elf, or the nightmare before Christmas! yessssss! random

8. Fave Christmas/holiday song?

I have multiple selections here, you gotta have at least one Christmas classic song here right? Let it snow by lady antebellum has to be on top of my list! I also love, love rockin’ around the Christmas tree, and santa baby (I used to hate it!), and of course, have a holly jolly Christmas by the lady antebellum!

9. Fave holiday food/treat?

My fave holiday treat is eating the gingerbread house, Christmas cookies (the good kind) and just some warm hot chocolate!

10. What is your fave Christmas decoration this year?

this year, I think my fave Christmas decoration is still the Christmas lights, as always because in my bedroom, I have these so so super cool Christmas lights hung over my headboard!

11. Whats at the top of your wishlist?

I normally don’t really have a thing that’s on my wishlist that I desperately want over in my couple of years to now, but on my wishlist, I wish for a pair of slippers because its freezing cold in the morning sometimes.

12. What are your plans for the holidays this year?

I’m not exactly too sure because I can flow with just about anything! but maybe we are going on a road trip to Tennessee to see snow..

 Okay so that was it! so I hoped you guys enjoyed this blog because I sure did! and I hope you guys have a merry, merry Christmas! byee! <33 you







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