Advent Calender//Day 24-Merry Christmas Eve!


AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH (me screaming..obviously..) HHHHHHHHHHHHHH! You guys! Guess what?! It’s Christmas EVE, that’s what! YOU GUYS, I am sooo pumped right now! Not just because the gifts under the tree excite me! But realizing that I have been blogging almost half an year! I know I only have made posts from December but I had posts that I had before my first blog (CHRISTMAS DIY VIDEO GO CHECK IT OUT).. I deleted all my previous posts because I guessed I wanted to start fresh and new since it’s nearly New Year’s. (Not lying.. ask my friends here on WP).. And another reason is, I am going to be making a Christmas eve and Christmas VLOG! I have thought of a way to do it even though its going to be hard.. I didn’t even do this year’s advent calendar successfully (so I’m making it up for your guys and I will talk about it later.)! And I feel really bad so I felt like you guys deserved to be more entertained… (?) Anyways just make sure to watch out for more posts because I’ll be posting like CRAZY today and tomorrow and the day after that.. AND SO ON. And again.. since I didn’t do Advent Calendar correctly.. or even successfully.. I’m going to continue the Advent Calendar till December 31st! And getting into the habit of posting daily is kind of cool and fun for me! So I guess I will post daily regularly! But yeah there also be those posts that will be putted more effort into so yeah! I’ll have to soon end this post because I want to do that… because I don’t want to bore you of course! And, oh! You guys have to tell me what you guys got for Christmas! I know its not about the presents.. but who doesn’t like SHARING?! (not the present thou :3 lol jk) Anyways I hope you guys liked this post because if you did make sure to leave a like, and no preassure but if you loved it why not press the subscribe button? Anyways see you my loves! (OR SHOULD I SAY ELVES?! HAHAHAHAHA) Byee! ~Lilyanna


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