WordPress Tips, Tricks, & Life Hacks You MUST Know!

Okay so I know this is the most random post especially during the holidays, (IM STILL MAKING IT CHRISTMAS THEMED YES.) but I just decided to do this post anyways when I thought for a minute, there could be people who could need tips, tricks.. and hacks to knowing WordPress better! :)) enjoy.

1.pngOh no! Did you just schedule a post that was supposed to go up by tomorrow, and you just accidently somehow got up just now? Don’t worry, cause your trusting blogging friend is here to help ya out.

 You need to go to the old version of the blog text. And then go back and find the post and click edit. And then go to your right, you’ll find a tool/edit box 2 and click the underlined edit and it says published.. but click the option box and change it to draft..3And then you obviously click ok. And press update. And you’re screen should say.. 4BUT. You’re not done yet! Once you hit OK, look downwards and see the part that says what day it was published on? Click the underlined edit. 5 Now sometimes for an example, I wanted to publish the post on 24th, but it was 23rd, sometimes WP glitches and messes up your time depending on where you live, so all you have to do is just change the hour or minute.. like this. 6And then obviously you hit OK again. And the button that says Update should say Schedule, and then you hit the Schedule button. And your post that you have just posted is now gone until the day you scheduled it. Your welcome.

Now many of you know, that you can now get snow falling from the top of your blog until January 4th.. And the people who didn’t know that.. your welcome. Anyways, you can get the snow from clicking a optional box in your settings! And I thought for a moment.. for winter they might do snow.. for summer… whadaya think? Even though I was here kind of late summer, as far as I know, they didn’t have such of a thing… for SUMMER. But what if.. they will update it this year? (2016) So make sure to watch out for any updates!

Ok so I hope you guys liked this post, and this took some time but whatever, I thought this post could help some people! :)) Anyways I just realized its 11:26 PM So I better go to sleep! Hope you guys have a wonderful.. morning, afternoon, or night like where I live and I’ll see ya next time! Byee! ~Lilyanna




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