Bead Pets! II Latest Addiction/Obbsesion?

Hey guys! How you doin’? If you guys read my post “What I Got For Christmas?!” Then you guys would know my brother gave me Bead Pets! So the next day I obviously was dying to play with it, so as I got the hang of it.. (55 minutes!) I realized how fun it was! So I decided to make a thousand (four) of them! My first Bead Pet was a turtle.. and obviously you would guess it wasn’t gonna look like a turtle.. my second one.. a penguin.. turned out GREAT! And then I made a gecko.. and then I tried to make a bunny.. then a dog.. but today I tried to do a bunny.. and I thought through the part how to make the ears.. (ears, arms, legs are hard to make with beads) and of course I figured it out! Now enough with the talking.. ( in this case its typing) Lets seem some pictures!

So obviously im not going to show ALL the pictures because im saving them for my Bead Pets posts! (For category)

Anyways, without making this post even more boring.. I’m gonna go ahead and end this post because I have to type another post and schedule it for another day because that’s currently my new blogging “system” I created so yeah… BYEE! <33 ~Lilyanna


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