What I Got For Christmas?! 2015

YHey Y’all! Happy HOLLA-days! I know I was supposed to upload this on Christmas but I haven’t got much time on my computer since it died! Anyways I will make it up to you guys by posting like CRAZY for the next few days!!! ANNNDNDDDD… I HAVE SOME EXCITING news I will tell you in my next couple posts! Anyways lets get into it!

Okay, So the first present I unwrapped was my mom’s present for me… and as I suspected it… IT WAS A NEW BACKPACK! I really didn’t need a new backpack but I got one anyways and plus… New years is deadly close.. sooooo you’ll be seeing my backpack in lots of the newcoming posts!!!20151225_102106

So the next thing I unwrapped was my dad’s present, and my dad got my two presents and there attached to each other because another wrapper was holding them both together so when I was tearing them apart… I FOUND OUT I GOT SPONGEBOB LOLLIPOPS

20151225_102017Guys! THIS IS A BIG DEAL FOR ME! Except it weird licking spongebob… XDDD

Anyways, so the present on the front I got… 20151225_102131a denim purse! Now as ridiculous as it looks.. it has 4 big pockets… and plus.. its handy and not too girly or tomboyish… but its made out of jeans! XD

And the other present I got from my dad was.. OMG,before I show this to you guys, let me say.. this gift if SOOOO FLUFFY and adorable that however im typing with two hands and at the same time scratching my FLUFFY _____! Anyways this is kinda my fave present.. 20151225_102031Is that NOT adorable?!?!?! AHHHHH

20151225_102224And lastly… it got.. BEAD PETS! And you guys I LOVE crafts! At my school, my friend kinda started this thing with rubber band bracelets and I kinda seemed interested to do it.. and once I got the hang of it.. I could do advanced level Cra-Z-Art Loom bracelets! Anyways, I’m kinda having a idea i’ll have a category for Bead Pets? Even though that’s not like gonna be useful for this blog XDDDDDDDDDDD

Okay so before I get to the end when I say that’s all I got for Christmas.. I’m just gonna go ahead and say my dad have my mom a wedding ring 14k gold! He has been doing this for like… 3-4 years? Anyways my brother got this supa cool lamp, and also spongebob lollipop, and I forgot the other gift..

Ok so that’s all I got for Christmas and I hoped you enjoyed it! Now I feel like I’m going to have to mention this in every haul video or post but I am not bragging about what I have! I’m just showing what I got for Christmas for those viewers… who just are curious! Anyways make sure to like dis post and subscribe!! Byee! <33 ~Lilyanna

*Disclaimer: this blog is not sponsoring any company! Sorreh!*



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