Avatar’s Game!

What’s up guys? Your just about to see our new game! Avatar’s .

So basically in this game, you choose your own avatar! We will try to update and add some more avatars every once in a while!
So you can style your avatar, and earn points to compete with others and chat!

So basically this game is like an virtual world but aChatting will be updated and added to the game very soon!

Lets get this games to 500 players, and I might just add the aChat icon

To access the aChat icon when its added, you will need a real verified email! If you do not have an email, then we have a non aChat icon too!

To be a member you must must must be subscribed to us! And you must must must enter your VERIFIED EMAIL (includes the aChat) !

So the basic avatars are

Female: 1 so to earn points, you can change your avatar as so, or for the beginners, you can add accessories, change colors, and clothing items! And also you can name your avatar


2 as the same thing for woman, you can accessorize, change colors, and choose a name for your avatar, but as you become better then a beginner, you earn more points and you can compete with others, chat, and hang!

NOTE: This game is not yet to be published, AVATAR is under construction, pleases wait for a couple days for this to be published. Thank You.