Bead Pets! II How To Make A Penguin!

Hey guys! Welcome back to another Bead Pets post! So today I’m going to show you guys how to do a beaded penguin! So obviously im using bead pets, and you don’t have to! Just find some good size beads and good sized strings, a model,image, video, or diagram, and some patient! So lets get started!

So first, you need to get the colors you want for you beaded penguin! Pick three colors, one for the outside coat, one for inside coat, and the other for the nose and feet! 20151226_162254

Ok so now get some type of key chain, or lanyard and string and half hitch the string half way and tie it to the key chain or lanyard and im gonna show you how to do it!

Step One: Fold your string half way to the right one time,(and for this penguin, use 4 feet of string which is 12 inches per feet!) and no it doesn’t have to be perfect! Not cross the short string underneath the long piece of string, and then place the key chain on top and pull a little of the string out onto the key chain so it should look like a upside down u sticking out of a key chain (ok that’s gross XD). Now grab your short string that is underneath the long string and put it through the upside down U and pull it tightly! So it should look something like this..20151226_164818

Step two: Now always take the left string and place row one of your beads which is first two any colored beads! (this is where you especially need a diagram to see how to place the beads to look like penguin!) Now take your other piece of string and pull the string through the beads right to left! And then pull the strings until the beads will be touching with the key chain! Now repeat this process as many times the diagram shows you now im going to tell you straight forward, the number amount of beads will change throughout the process of making this and so will the colors!

Step 3: Last step! When you get to the bottom of the bead pet or as we say… FINISHED it.. tie the knot AT LEAST TWO time and secure it tightly! And cut off the extra string that you may have but try not to cut off one cm from the knot you have just tied!

Okay so sorry if this made NO sense at all but.. its a reference right? Anyways hope you guys found this useful (probably not) and if ya did like it because this is taking me 20 minutes and im a fast typer! (not bragging lol) anyways yeah have a nice night, noon, morning! Byee! <33 ~Lilyanna



Bead Pets! II Latest Addiction/Obbsesion?

Hey guys! How you doin’? If you guys read my post “What I Got For Christmas?!” Then you guys would know my brother gave me Bead Pets! So the next day I obviously was dying to play with it, so as I got the hang of it.. (55 minutes!) I realized how fun it was! So I decided to make a thousand (four) of them! My first Bead Pet was a turtle.. and obviously you would guess it wasn’t gonna look like a turtle.. my second one.. a penguin.. turned out GREAT! And then I made a gecko.. and then I tried to make a bunny.. then a dog.. but today I tried to do a bunny.. and I thought through the part how to make the ears.. (ears, arms, legs are hard to make with beads) and of course I figured it out! Now enough with the talking.. ( in this case its typing) Lets seem some pictures!

So obviously im not going to show ALL the pictures because im saving them for my Bead Pets posts! (For category)

Anyways, without making this post even more boring.. I’m gonna go ahead and end this post because I have to type another post and schedule it for another day because that’s currently my new blogging “system” I created so yeah… BYEE! <33 ~Lilyanna